"Old buildings are not ours.  They belong partly to those who built them, and partly to the generations of mankind who are to follow us".  
- John Ruskin, 1849

Unlock the History of your Home


History loving sisters, we are committed to uncovering the stories and events of your historic home. 

Ever wonder who lived in your house?

When was it built?

Did anyone influential ever live there?

What did the surrounding area and town look like?

We offer historic research of your home to try to answer those questions, plus many more.

It's amazing what can be uncovered. Let us help you unlock the story of your home!

Contact us: historyatticresearch@gmail.com

Research Projects 

Mt. Airy Farm sits on just over 53 acres in the heart of Chester County, one of the original three counties of Pennsylvania.  In the early 1700s, immigrants from Calne, England settled in this part of Chester County, calling their new home “Caln Township”.  It is one of the oldest townships in Chester County.  Caln Township was divided...

Our adventure in researching Barnsley Manor spanned a little over 6 months. We are in the process of filming some of the highlights we discovered. Below is from our You Tube Channel and features our presentation day and our first tour. More to follow:

The History

"Barnsley Manor", as it is called today, has stood witness to over 250 years...

Timeline of transactions:

This property as all properties do in Pennsylvania, began with a land grant from William Penn. Oley Township was originally formed in 1740 as a part of Philadelphia County, before Berks County was formed in 1752. We found a newspaper article from the Reading times, March 20th 1876, detailing the sale from Willia...

For this research project, we worked with three brothers who wanted to present their parents with a unique anniversary gift.  The clients have lived in the home for decades, making improvements while keeping the home's history in mind.  The brothers had some information and few stories about the house, but they wanted to have the full...

The owners of this large log and stone home in Chester County had already completed a deed search and had started gathering information about the former owners of the property.  They believed the earliest, log portion of the home had been built in the early 1700s, but the last deed in their document trail was a Pennsylvania land patent...

The owners of the 1755 House have been diving deep to find even more history of their home. The local Schwenkfelder Heritage Center provided them with information about some of the former owners, in particular George Kriebel.

George and his family owned the property from 1765 to 1796. The family are all interred at the Kraussdale Meetin...

Jeff Devlin's Stone House Revival, on the DIY Network

As you may know we researched . We were also given the chance to be present on set when Jeff presented the history to the home owners. We had such a blast and are so grateful to Jeff and his team for the opportunity. home. We were thrilled when he asked us to add our skills to a home...

The homeowners discovered a unique item in one of their fields, a broken headstone. Only the name “Eliza” was clearly visible on the weathered stone. 

Tip courtesy of West Virginia Cemetery Preservation Association: What Can I Do? http://www.wvcpaweb.org/ 


An overlay of aluminum foil was used to safely enhance the engraving and brin...

The history of this home located in Berks County, Pennsylvania revolves around farm, family and children. The story begins in June of 1736 when Henry Spingler submitted an application for a land warrant in 1736 for 200 acres in Tulpehocken Township.

The application, which is dated June 3, 1736, notes that Henry has “been about 18 months...

“The 1755 House”, as our clients call it, is a beautiful stone and log structure perched on 15 lush acres.  Its story, we found, was very complex, and there are still some mysteries in its lineage.  Our traditional paths of research left us with a gap in the history of ownership between 1796 and 1818, modern day references to an 18th ce...

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