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Yardley Tavern House

The Yardley Tavern House has roots in the earliest days of Pennsylvania. The original structures were built before the dawn of the 1700s by settlers with the fortitude to build a life in the wilderness of a new land. The stone house served first as a tavern and place of lodging for travelers, and quite likely witnessed the movement of troops during our War for Independence. Wealthy owners invested in the property in the 1800s, making it a home reflective of their achievements. The beliefs of one of those owners saw the home became a true place of refuge for slaves attempting to secure their freedom. Lawyers, politicians, and farmers have been nurtured in our subject home. Despite the challenges a centuries old property face, this home is worth saving. These researchers are hopeful that the stewardship of the current owners will allow this home to see the next century of American progress.


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