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As one can imagine,  during research there are many rabbit holes we find ourselves falling down. They are numerous and DEEP!  We wanted to create a collection of our musings, distractions and random things we find along the way.  Some are personal to us, some are research related and some are just down right entertaining. We hope you enjoy our offerings! If you have any musings you'd like to share, feel free to drop us a line, perhaps we'll add them to our collection. Thanks for reading and ENJOY!! Cick on images for content..

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Reading a Deed

The beginning of any house history has to start with a deed trace.  A deed trace provides you with a list of owners. Once the names are established, that's where the fun begins! This is our simple guide of  "how to read a deed". 

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A Privy Conversation

So what DID you do when nature called? How have bathroom habits, and bathrooms themselves, changed through history? Let’s talk about the privy, it’s improvements, and what you could expect whether you lived in a city apartment or a rural farm. We will also talk a little about that moon carving and the folklore that accompanies it. Thankfully we no longer have to complete long walks to the privy so let’s talk a little about what early Americans did when they had to go. READ MORE

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Agricultural Census

Coming soon....

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