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West Chester PA Town Home

The hustle and bustle of modern life can be overwhelming. Throughout our daily routines we often fail to remember that life was simpler in bygone years. In the flurry of our days, could we even relate to a time when things moved at a slower pace?

This is the history of 149 W. Union Street, West Chester, PA. Although it tells the story of a simpler time, it also proves that simpler doesn't always mean easy. It was built by Charles Walker, he was instrumental in the development of West Chester and it's homes.

Here is its history:

Map below illustrates Shields, Hickman and Worth's purchase. Also visible is part of the Everhart estate that is today Everhart Park.

George Brinton:

Charles Walker is credited as the builder of the home located at 419 W. Union Street. He was a resident of West Chester for nearly twelve years and credited for building about 30 houses on the West end of town.

1906 bankruptcy records for Charles Walker:

William Eachus:

William and Mary's death notice:

Windle Family:

We were lucky enough to have a personal interview with a former owner, Mr. George Hiddelson. George and his wife Elsie purchased the home from the Windle's in 1964 for $18,500. When the house was purchased it was a single family home. George bought the property as an investment and planned to turn it into apartments.

According to George there were two apartments on the first floor each with a kitchen. There was an apartment on the third floor as well, it did not have a kitchen. Due to the cost of proper codes for a fire escape, the third floor kitchen for an aparment was never completed. George also recalls the heating system was hot water with cast iron radiators. During the time of our interview there were large holes in the floor, most likely the remnants of the former radiators.

George owned the property for three years. He explained that the responsibilities of being a landlord became to great and he sold to the Stancato's on June 30th, 1967.

The more recent transactions are listed in the timeline above. We also found some interesting articles on the daily life in West Chester, gives a good and perhaps eery visual to life back then.

Skeleton found:

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