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While researching the history of the Jarrettown Hotel, which was once an inn and now operates only as a restaurant, we uncovered a story about a tornado that touched down in the area. People took shelter from the storm in the hotel and carriage barn. Unfortunately, the carriage barn collapsed in the storm killing a man inside.

Serendipitously, during our research, our mother had a connection to someone who owned the hotel!! A small world indeed. We not only had a personal interview with him, he supplied us with invaluable images of his time at the hotel. The property has since been sold by our last documented owners. It still operates as a restaurant.




Tornado strikes the town of Jarretown in 1896, this was the scene of the Jarrettown Methodist Church (built in 1867)

A postcard of Irvin Rotzell's Hotel, Jarrettown PA (approx. 1940)

From the Schmitt collection, the original bar at the hotel

Schmitt collection, John Schmitt is the passenger

Part of the porch was enclosed to make a kitchen.

Everyone gathered at the General Store in Dresher to learn the news of the day. (Ambler Gazette)



Original Notes Outlining Research (we brought our Dad into the act for this one)

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